Carp Fishing Holidays in France

Welcome to Fishing in France, specialised Carp and Catfish fishing venues set in the beautiful countryside of historic Normandy, France.

We aim to give you one of the best fishing experiences available at either Carpinvasion, Etang le Rocher or maybe even at a third venue, which we are looking at now. For more info contact us now! - We will try to keep people informed as and when work is done, but this maybe delayed due to us being very busy with work and maintenance to one of our lakes and also looking for a third big carp fishing venue.

We look forward to accommodating you in the future at one of our venues. All the best from everyone at Fishing in France.

Fish of the Week

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34lb 2oz Ghost
38lb 15oz Common
44lb 5oz Mirror

Record Catches

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Albino Catfish 105lb
Record Mirror 47lb 15oz
Record Common 45lb