Having typically been a pastime for older people, that’s no longer the case as more and more young people have discovered fishing. This popular sport has recently taken the younger generations by storm with kids of all ages getting hooked on it.

Why have young people suddenly taken to fishing?

There has been a marked shift in the amount of younger people becoming interested in this activity. So what has caused this surprising change in the generation gap of anglers? The main reason for the uptake of this sport has been the pandemic. Having been confined for so long, youngsters looked for new ways to enjoy themselves outdoors, desperate to make the most of their freedom.

They had already become intrigued by watching popular fishing shows on TV during lockdown. Then fishing took off across social media. YouTube and TikTok videos about fishing reeled in millions of viewers. Celebrities endorsed fishing on their social media platforms as the latest must-do activity and, naturally, their young fans obliged. Now, fishing has become a hobby for many young people and this growing trend is here to stay.

How does carp fishing benefit young people?

As well as enjoying the freedom of the outdoors, there are many reasons why young people should go fishing. For a start, this healthy hobby is perfect for their mental and physical well-being. They’re active and breathing in fresh air instead of being cooped up at home, spending all of their time online. Spending time in nature and appreciating the environment, fishing is a relaxing pastime that gives them some breathing space from everyday life. It improves their concentration and does wonders for their levels of patience as they lure in the unsuspecting fish.

Fishing is also a great way for young people to learn new skills. During youth fishing lessons, they learn to cast and reel at prime fishing spots. The challenge of trying to catch a fish is thrilling and it’s exhilarating when they reel in their prize. Fishing provides young people with a sense of achievement and helps them to understand that their hard work and perseverance deliver rewards. It also boosts their confidence and encourages them to socialise more, having something in common with others of their own age to communicate about. For young people, fishing is an excellent way to help them develop skills that can be used throughout their lives.

How to encourage young people to go fishing

Aside from watching TV shows and social media videos, there are numerous fishing magazines for youths to get stuck into. There are also more sociable ways for youngsters to get involved with this sport. A good place to start is to join a fishing club for youths where they can progress from being complete beginners to experienced anglers. They can also attend fun fishing workshops at the weekends or take part in youth fishing tournaments to show off their skills. These tournaments cater to all levels and include age groups that range from young kids to teenagers.

Just as social media started the trend of fishing for many youngsters, they can post online about their fishing trips. This shows their family and friends just how much fun fishing can be as a group activity, encouraging more young people to try it. Fishing kits for youths are trending on e-commerce sites so they can also pick out their favourite fishing gear online.

Teaching young people to Fish in France

Embrace the pastime of fishing together

Group fishing trips are a great way to bond with family or friends and keep the encouragement going. With the kids’ fishing lessons going so well, it makes sense to enjoy a family carp fishing holiday in France. As there’s no longer a need to staycation, what better way to strengthen your relationships and let off steam than enjoying a fishing weekend away? Simply pack up the car and take a trip across the water for the first of many unforgettable carp fishing holidays in Normandy.

Far from glamping, you can enjoy the luxury accommodation that’s situated on the edge of our private fishing lake. When carp fishing in France, our exclusive lake is the perfect setting for a relaxed family holiday with young anglers. This idyllic location is guaranteed to encourage both young people and older anglers alike to pursue a passion for fishing.